Bird Strike Mitigation

Is an evolution of the effort between 12 FTW and 502 ABW with six surrounding local governments to address land use compatibility and mission encroachment issues, now focusing in on BASH issues specifically

Multi-Sport Complex Land Lease

20 year Enhanced Use Lease (EUL) between base and city, allowing the development of a multi-sports complex on 62 acres of property on the perimeter of Seymour-Johnson AFB.

E-Readers for Library

Coordination needed for acceptance of E-Readers, WiFi and IT upgrades needed for libraries to increase digital capabilities.

Airspace Encroachment Protection

Protect flying and space mission from encroachment

Multi-Sports Complex Usage

Large sports facility.

Joint Use of Base Real Estate

The base could host other Federal partners.

Office Building Lease

Lease office space in a portion of building 4040

Library for Base Use

The base has a need for a library facility.

USG-owned Land Development

Housing, recreation and child care

Off-base Hotel Lodging

The base has a need for lodging space