LEO Shoot House Training

Excess range capacity. LaserShot shoot house and shoot, move and communication training to meet the city’s resource gap.

Joint Use of Firing Range

Sharing the county firing range and enable the installation to certify airmen in the use of heavy weapons

Community-Installation Training Opportunities

Quarterly networking meetings for the installation and community to share ideas and identify combined training opportunities.

Firefighting Training

Enhances the opportunities to exchange training for commodities, or services, of comparable value.

Local Construction Training

Demoing and reconstruction of stairs leading from Veterans Memorial Park to the lower level alongside the Mahoning River.

Joint Use of Training Facilities

Homestead ARB (HARB) did not have local capabilities to provide engineer-related Prime Base Expeditionary Engineer Force (BEEF) training.

Shared Police Response

Continue joint discussion and training efforts regarding common and shared police responses

Physical Therapy Training

Rehabilitation for injured Airmen

First Responder Joint Training Initiative

Enhanced recurring training and certifications

Prime BEEF Training

Engineer-related training Prime Beef (Base Expeditionary Engineer Force)