Joint Use of Firing Range

Sharing the county firing range and enable the installation to certify airmen in the use of heavy weapons

Firefighting Training

Enhances the opportunities to exchange training for commodities, or services, of comparable value.

Emergency Dispatch Services

Improves interoperability with land mobile radios (LMRs) by transitioning Wright Patterson AFB to the Ohio Multi-Agency Radio Communication System (MARCS)

Shared Police Response

Continue joint discussion and training efforts regarding common and shared police responses

Fire Equipment Testing and Repair Exchange

AFB will provide hose testing equipment while the City of Altus will provide a hose coupling repair machine, which meets the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association.

Joint Use of Firing Range

Permits Buckley AFB the use of APD firing range. The AF will pay APD a lump sum range fee for unlimited use of the range.

Hostage Rescue Training

Civilian capabilities in Special Response Teams, SWAT, and Hostage/Crisis Negotiations will be made available to Cannon AFB. Military working dogs and handlers will be available to civilian law enforcement agencies.

Aircraft Fire Training

Allows the local firefighter department to utilize Cannon’s facilities to conduct aircraft fire training on the base in December. This training is needed to allow the local fire department to continue servicing the local airport. Joint HAZMAT is the next training opportunity.

Emergency Dispatch System Requirements

Outlines guidelines for local, state, and federal first responders to identify system requirements to improve communications interoperability and frequency managements.

Guidelines for Local, State and Federal First Responders

Need for ability to communicate in emergencies.