Joint Use of Firing Range

Sharing the county firing range and enable the installation to certify airmen in the use of heavy weapons

Shared Police Response

Continue joint discussion and training efforts regarding common and shared police responses

Joint Use of Firing Range

Permits Buckley AFB the use of APD firing range. The AF will pay APD a lump sum range fee for unlimited use of the range.

Hostage Rescue Training

Civilian capabilities in Special Response Teams, SWAT, and Hostage/Crisis Negotiations will be made available to Cannon AFB. Military working dogs and handlers will be available to civilian law enforcement agencies.

Joint Training for fire and Law enforcement emergency training

Emergency Services agencies require regular training.

Joint LEO Training

Facilitates joint training, information, sharing and support 172 law enforcement members from the county.

LEO Training Website

Dyess and the community work together to increase the understanding and effectiveness of fire and law enforcement emergency services. This partnership includes conducting joint training for scenarios such as large-scale disasters, downed aircraft, or active shooters scenarios and sharing facilities such as firing ranges or fire training facilities and equipment.

Joint LEO Training