Soccer Complex Use Agreement

Through the AFCP Program process, the base and the non-profit soccer org (MSSL) memorialized access agreements to allow continued use of areas for soccer tournaments.

E-Readers for Library

Coordination needed for acceptance of E-Readers, WiFi and IT upgrades needed for libraries to increase digital capabilities.

On-base Sports Field Use

Community needs more soccer /lacrosse tournament fields

Regional Food Bank Donations

Better use of a valuable food waste stream

Sports Field Construction

Sports fields Seymour Johnson

Outdoor Recreation Area Access

Increase the utilization of recreational opportunities of Moody AFB 500 acre recreational area

Joint Community-Installation Calendar

Allows for a shared joint calendar between the base and community organizations to ensure that on-base and off-base events do no conflict.

Military Chaplains

Sometimes there is a shortage of military chaplains and the AF can’t send a specific type of chaplain to a base. There are typically all types of chaplains available in local communities.

Recreation Resources On-base

Recreation resources that are available on base

Recreation Opportunities for Airmen

Relieving stress